Mausoleums can be a building with stained glass windows and a bronze door (called a walk in mausoleum), or they can also be a smaller above ground building that has no windows or doors (called a crypt) where the person is entombed.

Cremation Memorials

These are memorials used specifically for cremations.

Upright monument reading "Bogdanovich"

Traditional Monuments

These are typically a two piece memorial consisting of the monument and a base.

Slant monument

Slant Memorials

These stand typically 16 or so inches above the ground with the back of the stone straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle. These memorials can be installed with or without a granite base.

Bevel monument

Bevel Markers

These are not very high above the ground, with the back of the stone being a few inches higher than the front.

Flush monument

Flush Markers

These are placed flush with the ground.

Bronze Markers

These are another type of flush marker, and are an alternative to the granite flush markers


Benches can be used as a cemetery memorial or they may be placed in another location of your choice.

VA Government Matching Memorials

These are to match the existing veterans memorial for the spouse or other family member.

Estate & Feature Memorials

 Unique memorials specifically designed for larger cemetery plots.

Denominational Memorials

 Maine Memorial Company designs memorials and assists families of all faiths and in various languages.